Welcome to the website of Dr. Arthur Dumont who has been a licensed physician in the state of Alabama for 32 years. He began a private psychiatric practice in Mobile in 1984 upon his resignation from the United States Navy at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. It was a difficult choice to leave the Navy Medical Corps after 12 years of active duty, and having had the privilege to serve with so many fine individuals from across our great nation. He was anxious, however, to return to the city of his birth on the Gulf Coast and be close to his parents and siblings.

Dr. Dumont grew up in the neighboring city of Pascagoula, Mississippi. These were the “good old days,” but in truth our society and our quality of life has advanced immeasurably in the ensuing decades. Medicine in all specialties has witnessed progressive advances in diagnosis and treatments that have been revolutionary. This has been especially true in the specialty of psychiatry. Now there is a vast array of safe and effective medications that can be rationally prescribed by experienced psychiatrists to alleviate suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD and many other difficulties suffered by so many.

Dr. Dumont knows from personal experience the huge advances in medicine over the decades since his birth in 1950, only ten years after the first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered. He has personally benefited from the care of superb physicians and progressive new knowledge, medications and technology in treating heart problems he discovered in 1992. In 2007 these problems exacerbated to where he could no longer actively practice. Since that time his health has recovered to allow him to again practice. It is a great privilege to practice any field of medicine, but Dr. Dumont feels especially so as a psychiatrist to whom people will share their innermost feelings, and allow him to try to understand the distress and anxiety that they may be experiencing.

Dr. William Osler, the founder of modern medicine, is often quoted for stating:   “If you listen carefully to the patient they will tell you the diagnosis.”  Despite all of our technological advances this advice from Dr. Osler remains true. Doctors have to actively listen to their patients to understand them. Dr. Dumont’s every effort is focused on getting to know his patients and understand them in their mind, body and spirit. He trusts what his patients share with him. He is honored that they put their faith in him.

Another of Dr. William Osler’s memorable quotes is: “It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has”. In other words, when Dr. Dumont practices his profession treating individual humans, with all of their complexities, including their genetic heritage combined with a multitude life experiences, both good and bad. His patients are not some diagnosis out of a manual that meets a certain number of listed criteria which then requires a specified treatment regimen that may be entirely inappropriate.

To develop a genuine patient doctor relationship takes time, but the results can be so rewarding. No guarantees or promises as regards treatment outcomes can be made by any physician. Dr. Dumont, however, does promise to give you his best. His goal is to help you through whatever problems that you are currently facing so as to help you lead a life of fulfillment and happiness.

Please review Dr. Dumont’s Curriculum Vitae for information on his education, training, and experience. The depth and breadth of his clinical experience is unique, with his having practiced psychiatry in the military, having been in charge of addictive disease programs both military and civilian, having being a consultant to the United States Coast Guard and the Veterans Administration Vet Clinic in Mobile, and having been a staff member of all major hospitals in Mobile, serving as departmental head many times, performing psychiatric consultations and inpatient psychiatric care, in addition to his office practice of psychiatry.